Not another SOCIAL MEDIA COURSE 2019

July 1st Dublin

July 15th Glasgow

After the success of Not Another Social Media Course last year, we are delighted to share that in 2019, we will be heading outside of the M25 to pastures new!

Pastures Irish and Scottish, in fact. Yay!

A live show and surprise entertainment is maybe not what you expect from a seminar, but saying that, you’ve probably learned to expect the unexpected from us by now.

In true 'Not Another' style we will be completely transparent, with no secrets and no bull****, on how we have created the fastest growing following in the UK. 

What’s in the seminar?

  • How to create your own unique branding

  • How to take pictures of your work

  • How to grow your following naturally - no buying!

  • A unique, hairdressing special presentation from a UK social media expert

  • You will leave with a full plan of the steps you need to take over the next 12 months

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100% Freehand Balayage

Photo 19-09-2017, 17 20 46.jpg

Whether you have never tried freehand before or you just want to perfect your technique, this course will get you right up to scratch. A mixture of classic, french balayage for soft, beautiful, high-fashion looks and one cheeky speciality ‘cheating-speed’ technique, that will save your ass on a fully booked melt down day. 

Whats in the course? 

  • How to freehand balayage

  • Speed techniques for when you're running behind

  • How to balayage all the way to the root (that's how balayage is supposed to be!)

  • How to deal with colour corrections before a balayage


£300 plus VAT


1 day (10am-5pm) theory and practical

*Classes may over run slightly due to being a practical course 


Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 15.31.50.png

Forget the traditional techniques, this course is all about the opposite. 

Traditional balayage is all about subtle, natural pieces applied in a freehand manner. They’re beautiful, sure, but boy do they take time. 

Cheating Balayage will teach you how to get a variety of both natural and higher contrast results, using balayage boards, foil and of course, your hands. These methods are more about speed and instant results, and can be picked up and put to work straight away in the salon even on the busiest of days.

The French will be appalled, but your clients will be delighted.

Whats in the course? 

  • Understanding the difference between Traditional and Cheating Balayage

    techniques and when to use them

  • Cheating Balayage faster techniques to

    make your working day easier 

  • How to get more lift with balayage

  • Simpler techniques to achieve an expensive

    looking result


9am - 5pm


£300 plus VAT

Bleach specialist 


We are officially in a bleaching era, but who actually ever got properly trained in it? No one. With clients’ ridiculous unrealistic expectations is it any wonder we are struggling? Guess what comes after a base 10 (you guessed it) - Disintegration. Let’s face it- that’s terrifying. We promise it won’t take long for it to pay off to be super knowledgeable in a trend that is here for a very long time.

What’s in the course? 

  • How to deal with clients’ unrealistic expections

  • The confidence to say no - and who to say no to

  • In depth technical knowledge about the bleaching process

  • Dealing with complaints

  • Dealing with damage

  • Which levels of lift you need to create each tone

  • How to 'cover your ass' at every point of the process


1 day (9am-5pm) theory and practical - live models

*Classes may over run slightly due to being a practical course 


£300 plus VAT

Important things to note

  • If you have completed The Perfect Bleed course before then some of the content may be repeated, as in 2016 we had Basic Bleaching and Perfect Bleed in one day. We now separate the two to make other courses more in depth and include live models.



the perfect bleed 

Gradients of colour have become a part of our everyday work in the past few years, yet for most we are still noticing those little demarcation lines that leave us frustrated. The the client might not notice, but we do! 

A complete overhaul on vivid colours and bleeding techniques. 

What’s in the course? 

  • How to perfect your bleeding techniques (these can also be used on a natural palette)

  • How to get your timings down - big time!

  • All about vivid colours and their characteristics

  • Which base each tone sits over best

  • Which vivid colours stain and how to remove them

  • How to deal with fade and maintenance

  • How to deal with clients’ unrealistic expectations

  • Pricing vivid colouring and how to make it profitable

  • How to get clients to 'buy in' to the maintenance of creative colour

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 11.58.32.png


1 day (10am-5pm) theory and practical

*Classes may over run slightly due to being a practical course


£300 plus VAT 

Important things to note

This course will not include bleaching information. For his reason it is highly recommended that the Bleaching Specialist course is attended prior to this one.  

unrealistic expectations

The fact is, if you think you are the only one that can't keep up with Instagram, then you're wrong. You are not alone. We receive daily letters from hairdressers leaving the industry because they can't cope. This course is designed not only to teach you techniques that your clients are asking for but to deal with all the drama that comes with it. 

What’s in the course? 

  • How to build your confidence in taking control of an 'unrealistic expectation' client

  • How to 'map out' the journey of your client for each appointment

  • Who to turn down and who to take on

  • How to prepare your clients for fade

  • Dealing with unrealistically light images

  • Understanding Instagram images and the techniques you would use to achieve them

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1 day (9am-5pm) theory and practical – live models

*Classes may over run slightly due to being a practical course


£300 plus VAT


Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 11.28.03.png

How much do you sweat on the salon floor? How often, no matter how much you've trained, do you sit in the staff room panicking about your colour? Maybe it’s your confidence, maybe it’s your consultation, everyone has something that leaves them feeling they are just not quite good enough.

Guess what? You are not alone. This is the biggest thing talked about each week by our students and I knew I needed to do something about it. This year I created the a course for those with what I  call 'Colourist Anxiety'. This room full of people who all feel the same in different ways. You'll learn a 'cheating' balayage, that’s great for everyone and so much faster to reduce the pressure on your working day. Most importantly you will learn how to overcome the 'colourists anxiety' that creeps in to ruin your day. No one is above this feeling, we have all had it - myself included.

You are not alone. 


9am - 5pm, No live models.


£300 plus VAT

*This course does not offer solutions for medical anxiety but will give tools to help protect yourself from the worry of being on the salon floor.  

What’s in the course? 

  • Confidence building 

  • Reducing worry of the outcome of colours 

  • Believing in yourself as a colourist 

  • 'Cheating' balayage faster techniques to make your working day easier 


Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 12.06.29.png

Are you currently off on maternity and feeling a bit nervous about coming back to work?  On one hand you cant wait and on the other you're freaking out? Maybe you already went back to work and you’re feeling good but you just feel a little behind, or maybe you'd like a confidence boost and some new skills? Wouldn't it be nice to share a classroom with people that feel the same. No one can ever prepare you with where babies will take your brain. I know this because I had the same wobble. It’s nice to know we are not alone. On 14th October I will be holding my first POST MATERNITY balayage course. You'll  learn simple 'cheating' ways to get the Instagram results everyone is asking for on top of being in a room full of lovely people that know exactly what you're balancing behind closed doors. What’s better than that?


9am - 5pm, No live models.


£300 plus VAT

Whats in the course? 

  • Group time to share experiences (only if you want to and no pressure at all) 

  • Confidence building

  • Time around people that make you feel normal

  • 'Cheating' balayage faster techniques to make your working day easier 

Mature students

Why have a course for 'mature students'? Isn't that ageist? Not at all. Colouring is nothing like it was 20 years ago, or even 10 or 5 for that matter. The skills we learned in our training just don't reflect what is being asked for today. For so many senior stylists (who are fabulous at what they do, might I add) it's not a case of just tweaking something they already do, but learning something completely from scratch. Now, let me just tell you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, however we have found some experienced stylists feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings with other people that have the same views and challenges. That's all. We're all about listening to our students’ feedback and making our academy the least intimidating it can possibly be. So let's give it a go. If you have more than 5 years’ experience, feel free to book on these ones :)


Equal opportunity pricing 

As much as we want to invest in our education, the low income of our trade often makes it difficult to make the right choices. We honestly believe that you can always find the money to improve yourself and no matter what you spend you WILL get it back. But when two stylists sit next to each other in a class, one on 40k a year and the other on 20k, the investment of the 20k stylist was double that of the other student. Therefore, in some ways, you could actually say that equal pricing is not equal at all - in fact, it’s far from fair. This year we have launched our first 'equal opportunity' courses with the incredibly talented Harriet. This means we will price our course according to your earnings. Dramatic reductions are made if you are on a low income, such as minimum wage. Education is life changing. We’re trying to help everyone see just how life changing it can be. 


HOW TO BOOK for equal OPPORTUNITY pricing courses

Please check dates and select which Equal Opportunity Pricing course you would like to attend. This is stated next to the course name on COURSE DATES. Note that to apply, you must choose one of the courses stated to have this option.

Please send the name of the course you wish to book, 3 months’ worth of payslips (or if you are self employed, a copy of last year's books) and also a postal address for your invoice to

Please send all of these in one email together to apply.

From your earnings, we will calculate which pricing tier you come under:

Over 30k = £300

29 to 20k = £250 

Under 20k = £200

Bear in mind that we can only accept the above as valid proof of your earnings.