Bleaching specialist 

We are officially in a bleaching era, but who actually ever got properly trained in it? No one. With clients ridiculous unrealistic expectations is it any wonder we are struggling. Guess what comes after a base 10 (you guessed it) disintegration. Lets face it- thats terrifying. We promise it wont take long for it to pay off to be super knowledgeable in a trend that is here for a very long time. 

Whats in the course? 

  • How to deal with clients unrealistic expections
  • The confidence to say no-and who to say no to. 
  • In depth technical knowledge about the bleaching process  
  • Dealing with complaints 
  • Dealing with damage 
  • What levels of lift you need to create each tone. 
  • How to 'cover your ass' at every point of the process.


1 day (9am-5pm) theory and practical - live models

*Classes may over run slightly behind due to being a practical course 


£300 plus VAT



Important things to note

  • If you have completed The Perfect Bleed course before some of the content may be repeated as in 2016 we had basic bleaching and perfect bleed in one day. We now separate the two to make other courses more in depth and include live models.


the perfect bleed 

Our most popular course of 2016 and 2017. Gradients of colour have become a part of our everyday work in the past few years, yet for most, we are still noticing those little demarcation lines that leave us frustrated. The the client might not notice, but we do! 

A complete over-hall on vivid colours and bleeding techniques. 

Whats in the course? 

  • How to perfect your bleeding techniques (these can also be used on a natural palette).
  • How to get you timings down- big time! 
  • All about vivid colours and their characteristics.
  • What base each tone is best to sit on.  
  • Which vivid colours stain and how to remove them.
  • How to deal with fade and maintenance. 
  • How to deal with clients unrealistic expectations.
  • How to price vivid colouring and how to make it profitable. 
  • How to get clients to 'buy in' to the maintenance of creative colour. 
oragne .jpg


1 day (10am-5pm) theory and practical.

*Classes may run slightly behind due to being a practical course


£300 plus VAT 

Important things to note

This course will not include bleaching information. Therefore it is highly recommended that the Bleaching Specialist course is attended prior to this one.  

unrealistic expectations

(new FOR 2018) 

The fact is if you think you are the only one that can't keep up with up with Instagram then you're wrong. You are not alone. We receive daily letters from hairdressers leaving the industry because they can't cope. This course is designed not only to teach you techniques that your clients are asking for but to deal with all the drama that comes with it. 

Whats in the course? 

  • How to build your confidence in taking control of an 'unrealistic expectation' client. 
  • How to 'map out' the journey of your client for each appointment
  • Who to turn down and who to take
  • How to prepare your clients for fade
  • How to deal with unrealistically light images   
  • Understanding Instagram images and what techniques you would use to achieve them 
a01c0c49-ebad-42da-963e-d7e912e706ac (1).JPG


1 day (9am-5pm) theory and practical – live models

*Classes may over run due to being a practical course


£300 plus VAT


100% Freehand Balayage

Photo 19-09-2017, 17 20 46.jpg

Whether you have never tried freehand before, or you just want to perfect your technique this course will get you right up level. A mixture of classic french balayage for soft beautiful high fashion looks and our specialty ‘cheating-speed’ techniques  that will save your ass on a fully booked day-melt down. 

What you will learn 

  • How to freehand balayage 
  • Speed techniques for when you're running behind
  • How to balayage all the way to the root (that's how balayage is supposed to be!) 
  • How to deal with colour corrections before a balayage. 


1 day (10am-5pm) theory and practical

*Classes may over run slightly behind due to being a practical course 


£300 plus VAT


Mature students

Why have a course for 'mature students'? Isn't that ageist? Not at all. Colouring is nothing like it was 20 years ago or even 10 or 5 for that matter. The skills we learned in our training just don't reflect what is being asked for today. For so many senior stylists (who are fabulous at what they do I might add) it's not a case of just tweaking something they already do, but learning something completely from scratch. Now let me just tell you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but we have found some experienced stylists feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings with other people that have the same views and challenges. That's all. We're all about listening to our student's feedback and making our academy the least intimidating it can possibly be. So let's give it a go. If you have more than 5 years experience, book on these ones :)


Equal opportunity pricing 


As much as we want to invest in our education the low income of our trade often makes it difficult to make the right choices.  We honestly believe that you can always find the money to improve yourself and no matter what you spend you WILL get it back. But when two stylists sit next to each other in a class, one on 40k a year and the other on 20k, the investment of the 20k stylist was double that of the other student. Therefore, in someways, you could actually say that equal pricing is not equal at all, in fact its far from fair. This year we have launched  our first 'equal opportunity' courses with the incredibly talented Harriet. This means we will price our course according to your earnings. Dramatic reductions are made if you are on a low income minimum wage. Education is life changing, were just trying to help everyone see just how life changing it can be. 



Please send which course you want to book on, 3 months worth of payslips (or if you are self employed, a copy of last year's books) and also an address for your invoice to

From your earnings, we will find out which pricing tier you will fall under:

Over 30k =£300

29 to 20k= £250 

20k and under = £200

Bear in mind that we can only accept these as valid proof of your earnings.



Not another SOCIAL MEDIA event  

poster image .jpeg

So this is our most exciting event of the year- and its going to be like nothing you have ever experienced before! A secret London location, a DJ and surprise entertainment is not what you expect from a seminar- but hopefully you have learned to expect the unexpected from us.

In true 'Not Another' style we will be completely translucent, with no secrets and no bull**** on how we have created the fastest growing following in the UK. 

Whats in the seminar?

  • How to create your own unique branding.
  • How to take pictures of your work.
  • How to grow your following naturally- no buying! 
  • A unique hairdressing, special presentation from a UK social media expert. 
  • You will leave with a full plan on the next steps you need to take over the next 12 months.


10am-5pm (Doors open at 9.15am, after party runs from 5.30 till 10pm!- optional but free and awesome)


£200 plus VAT

Ticket includes a welcome drink and networking after party