Sophia Hilton 

Currently one of the most in demand educators in the UK, Sophia has worked across 10 countries worldwide helping hairdressers learn practical things they can actually take back to the salon.

'It's all very well going to a course and seeing something really creative but if you can't use it back with your clients then what's the bloody point?'  

Creative yet practical, Sophia kick started her colour career by winning the the L'0real colour Trophy 2013. She is now named Creative Head’s Colour Expert of the year 2018.




The non-stop creative talent that is Harriet Stokes has led to her huge following on Instagram. Increasingly known for mind blowing transformations she educates so well because it wasn't that long ago she couldn't do ANY of the work of Not Another Salon.

'I think I can explain the Not Another techniques so well because I remember learning it all from scratch. It was daunting and the expectation of Not Another Salon was was so high. Now I balance around one big colour change a day, mixed with at least two very demanding creative colours and freehand balayage without worrying. Hopefully I can share my tips on how I get through it- every day.'       



Head colourist at Not Another Salon it is Carla who our team turn to for all their colour freak-outs. From colour correction advice to when they have lost all confidence in their skills, Carla's mothering nature along with her experience and talent means you can’t help but feel safe with her around. 

'It's all about confidence really, that's what I teach. Wiping your eyes in the staff room and putting on your big girl pants and getting back on the horse. I've been there, I know how it feels and I want to help my students through it.'





Fresh faced, 6 foot 5 and camp as Christmas, Norman is going to keep you smiling all day. Home grown from our very own internal training, he doesn't really know any other way but 'Not Another.' Someone to encourage you, to take the pressure away and make your day even more memorable. Yes, it's safe to say Not Another Academy is just not the same without his positivity, patience and commitment to giving every student the best course of their lives. 

'I just love it. I've worked every academy day on every Monday for a year and a half. It gives me life!'

Not Another Salon 001.gif


Spooky gets so many compliments on her relaxed nature in teaching. For some reason people just feel safe with her, they are not scared of making mistakes. It's like learning with your friend, someone who has your back with absolutely no pressure. Originally from Chicago, Spooky learned the biggest part of her skills with us, so she knows what it's like when someone turns up the heat and you have to try new things. 

'Teaching was something i didn't know i wanted to do, but them one day, in a classroom, I just fell in-love. I fell in love with helping people and my career was changed forever.'



In hairdressing, we all know the best way to get really good at something is to repeat it. Well 'bleach and tone specialist' Jess does only bleaching- everyday. This means Jess has perfected to the fine detail of everything there is to perfect about the bleaching process.  

'The thought of damage really freaks me out and when I first started this type of work I was really scared. In my bleaching classes I show my students all the ways that I managed to calm my nerves by adopting all the little tricks that help me get my scalp bleach perfect root to tip.'