Who we are

led by the world-famous Sophia Hilton
Not Another Academy teaches
not only incredible hairdressing skills, but social media, marketing business and leadership with NO EGO

..and the one thing that made us so famous… we made learning really easy and fun 🤩

Our primary school-esk Education style makes even the most difficult information super simple!

With 12,000 students online
we are by far the biggest seller of independent online education in our industry

However, many of our students in Social Media and business are outside of the industry, as all of our knowledge is transferable across sectors!

Winner of over 14 awards in hairdressing, business, and marketing, Not Another is always willing to share their secrets and help you learn from their mistakes!

Whether it’s online, in-person in London or in your own workplace, or on stage… Not Another Academy will always be there to help you get what you want out of life.

Sophia Hilton

Sophia Hilton, owner of the Not Another brand has completely disrupted the industry in the last 15 years.

Starting with the most talked about salon, Not Another Salon (2015). She then went on to open 3 more companies, including the biggest-selling in-person academy in the UK, a social media consultancy company, and a huge online learning platform...

She now has over 12000 students across 52 countries worldwide online.

Named by her fans, as ‘The original Queen of Colour’ Sophia, now mixes up a life of Hair education with business, marketing, and social media keynote speaking around the world.

Sophia is has a whopping 14 big awards awards. So much so that she was recently put into the hall of fame at the Creative Head awards meaning she can no longer enter for both colour and business!

She’s most known for her brutal honesty and vulnerability that helps other people feel like despite their challenges, they can do it too!