In-Person Learning

Taught at our training academy in London, or we can travel to your salon
1 day course demo and hands on (1/2 day of each) Great for those that need direct feedback when learning practically.
So here's the thing, going on courses can be scary...

Firstly, most of us didn’t like school, that's why we went into hairdressing in the first place. Then you've got that added pressure of those people you don’t know and that expectation that you make up in your head about the fact you need to be good at it – even if you've never done it before. 

If you're young, you're going to think ‘oh my god they're all going to be better than me’, but if you're older you have even worse pressure, 'oh my god, maybe I should be better for my age’. 

Well, I can tell you, it's all in your head because here, we don't give two hoots about your background, just your willingness to learn and have a good time.

The colour industry has dramatically changed leaving many of us left behind, feeling outdated or just plain incapable.

How can people online create these looks and we can't? How can we ever compete with the all-day transformation videos online when our clients can't afford to book us for the day? 

Yes, we build you new skills but that's not the most important thing we do. The most important thing we build is your confidence. 

The ancient colour technique of ‘crossing your fingers in the staff room’ will finally not be needed anymore.

Welcome to a new you. 

We just launched new dates for Sophia Hilton's Not Another Retreat in her Brighton Home and we're almost completely booked.

If you’re thinking of taking part, then this is your last chance to grab your place – before someone else does! Make sure you don’t miss out.