no breakage, no banding and no brassiness

As thank you for your continued support I thought I'd cut up some of the juiciest bits of my Bleach Specialist course and give them to you free of charge!

If you weren’t given strong bleach education in college or feel you have just winged it — you are not alone! This is why I created the full Bleach Specialist course.

The comprehensive scalp bleach education you always wanted- but never bloody got!

I'm being really honest about all our successes and mistakes and what they’ve taught me because I know I can stop you from making the same mistakes.

Yes, I teach you the theory but more importantly, I am giving you practical advice, so you can get these things done in commercial timings!



Sophia xx

FREE education!
1 x 20 minute high quality video to watch over 30 days
Quiz to test your knowledge!


Named by her fans as the 'queen of colour' Sophia is one of the most in demand educators in the UK. She has worked across 10 countries worldwide helping hairdressers learn practical things they can actually take back to the salon. It's not just the creative side she loves, it's the business!

'It's all very well going to a course and seeing something really creative but if you can't use it back with your clients then what's the bloody point?'

Creative yet practical, Sophia kick started her colour career by winning the the L'0real colour Trophy. She now has many accolades to her name including Creative Head’s Colour Expert of the Year three times in a row meaning she can no longer enter and is put into the hall of fame with a Legend Award. @hiltonsophia


You will have access to the course, videos and support materials for FREE!

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