no breakage, no banding and no brassiness
If you weren’t given strong bleach education in college or feel you have just winged it — you are not alone! This is why we created Bleach Specialist.

The comprehensive scalp bleach education you always wanted- but never bloody got!

We’re being really honest about all our successes and mistakes and what they’ve taught us because we know we can stop you making the same mistakes.

Yes, we teach you the theory but more importantly, we are giving you practical advice, so you can get these things done in commercial timings!

4 hours of high quality videos to watch over 30 days
Quiz to test your knowledge, downloadable workbooks and step by step guides!
Downloadable consultation documents to manage your clients expectations
Two way learning - ask Sophia and the team any questions in a private online forum
A certificate of your graduation.
The opportunity to go on an all day practical course after the online education for heads on learning too!
Precision bleaching
The science of bleaching
How to make a good income out of bleach and tone services
Toning for every level of lift!
3 techniques! Regrowth, Long regrowth application, and full head bleach!
Consultation skills to manage clients expectations and take the pressure off you
Procedures you can take back to the salon to make sure you always bleach safely, without damage and without getting sued!


Named by her fans as the 'queen of colour' Sophia is one of the most in demand educators in the UK. She has worked across 10 countries worldwide helping hairdressers learn practical things they can actually take back to the salon. It's not just the creative side she loves, it's the business!

'It's all very well going to a course and seeing something really creative but if you can't use it back with your clients then what's the bloody point?'

Creative yet practical, Sophia kick started her colour career by winning the L'0real colour Trophy. She now has many accolades to her name including Creative Head’s Colour Expert of the Year three times in a row meaning she can no longer enter and is put into the hall of fame with a Legend Award. @hiltonsophia


We show you every part of the real-life drama through the process, and if it doesn’t go to plan we will expose it.

We wanted to make our education accessible to everyone that’s why we now offer payment plans!

How it works:

🌈 Add items to your basket and go to check out

🌈 Click on ‘payment plan’ and add your card details

🌈 Viola, you’ll be charged automatically via direct debit for the next 6 months


NOTE: You can add multiple courses to the same payment plan, just make sure to add them all to your basket before you checkout 💛


Both courses have the same theory lessons. The main difference is the models that we work on. Our Classic Bleach specialist course covers a variety of lighter and darker (natural base 4-7) on all hair types from Caucasian, Asian to Afro Caribbean /curly/coil texture. It is perfect if you want an all round bleaching course that gives you the confidence to bleach all hair types. Our Bleach Specialist Dark Bases course covers only dark bases (mainly base 4 and below). So if your clientele is mainly bases 5 and below, you will benefit from doing the Bleach Specialist Dark Bases course as there is more information on dark bases and all the models are at this depth.

That’s not a problem! We actually offer this course, specifically for dark bases. It’s all the same theory that we teach on this course, but the models we choose are base four and below. Exit out of here and select Bleech Specialist Dark Bases.

Yes! Just choose one of them and within the course we will provide you with a 50% discount code for the other! This code will be given as you work through the course, don't worry you won't miss it.

No, both the Classic Bleach Specialist and Bleach Specialist Dark Bases courses are for scalp bleach application only. However all of the theory on damage, lift and toning can be used every time you use bleach.

On our Classic Bleach Specialist course we have a mixture of some lighter and some darker bases. We want to give you a variety of hair depths and types so you feel confident tackling any client that sits in your chair.

We have textured hair on our Classic Bleach Specialist course.

If you have any clients who are lighter than a base 5 or would like to grow that type of clientele then yes, it's absolutely worth it! We also have a model with textured hair on our Classic Bleach Specialist course that we don’t have on the dark base version. So if you would like the confidence to bleach all hair types and depths, then we would recommend doing both courses. Even more importantly is the fact that you get another month to go over all of the theory! So if you want to review it all again and refresh yourself, that’s a great option! Don’t forget, whichever course you choose there is a 50% discount code within the course to buy the second one!


You will have access to the course, videos and support materials for one month from the moment you pay.

All of our enrolments and paid content are purchased on a 'per person' basis and is not to be shared. This is strict in our term and conditions and something that can be monitored when logging in from different devices. Your login is unique and your own, and tracks your online journey.

You can make payment securely for content, online learning and in-person courses. You can use a credit/debit card.

Yes! You can split your payment into 6 payments (£25 per month) at checkout.


Here is where I go wild… I'm so certain that you will get your money's worth. I'm offering you a 100% money-back guarantee if you have not completed more than 25%, the course!

Even if I teach you half of what I promise you will have incredible value - I know it!

With things changing so fast, it's so important that you get up to date as soon as possible… so when It changes again you have a foundation!