The ultimate colour correction course
Learn how to deal with the unrealistic expectations of the internet. This is a colour course for when you don’t have the perfect base! - Which is almost always right?

We want to give you confidence with difficult clients by teaching you the psychology of what really goes on in your clients head when they are 'not listening’.

4 hours of high quality videos to watch over 30 days
Quizzes to test your knowledge
Two way learning - ask Sophia and the team any questions in a private online forum for a whole month!
A certificate of your graduation.
BONUS (If you book today you will get...)
Step by step guide you can share with your team!
Opportunity to go on an all day practical course after the online education
Downloadable consultation documents to manage your clients expecations
How to gain better control with your client while still being respectful
Psychology - Getting into the clients mind for better connection ( Developed with a psychologist)
Colour theory- From the basics to the those handy tips that will save your life
Pricing- How to make money from these big jobs that are draining your time and products!
Demonstration - 3 colour correction models including our famous ‘BACK WASH BALAYAGE’ technique!
Hard models - no perfect models here, just bands damage and hard to remove colour- the reality of your life!
Timings - how to break down your services so your clients are always happy to pay



Named by her fans as the 'queen of colour' Sophia is one of the most in demand educators in the UK. She has worked across 10 countries worldwide helping hairdressers learn practical things they can actually take back to the salon. It's not just the creative side she loves, it's the business!

'It's all very well going to a course and seeing something really creative but if you can't use it back with your clients then what's the bloody point?'

Creative yet practical, Sophia kick started her colour career by winning the the L'0real colour Trophy. She now has many accolades to her name including Creative Head’s Colour Expert of the Year three times in a row meaning she can no longer enter and is put into the hall of fame with a Legend Award. @hiltonsophia


Here is where I go wild… I'm so certain that you will get your money's worth. I'm offering you a 100% money-back guarantee if you have not completed more than 25%, the course!

Even if I teach you half of what I promise you will have incredible value - I know it!

With things changing so fast, it's so important that you get up to date as soon as possible… so when It changes again you have a foundation!

We wanted to make our education accessible to everyone that’s why we now offer payment plans!

How it works:

🌈 Add items to your basket and go to check out

🌈 Click on ‘payment plan’ and add your card details

🌈 Viola, you’ll be charged automatically via direct debit for the next 6 months


NOTE: You can add multiple courses to the same payment plan, just make sure to add them all to your basket before you checkout 💛


Yes, of course. The course is broken into 4 parts and I really recommend you space it out over at least 4 days. However, I can't stress enough that you must do this alone and in peace from distractions. It can be emotional and takes a lot of thought. Childcare if required) is a must if you really want to get the value you deserve.

You will have access to the course, videos and support materials for one month from the moment you pay.

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