💛 Are you feeling totally lost with these constant changes? Just as you learn one thing... it all changes again!
My name is Sophia Hilton, and collectively the most followed hairdresser in the UK. I have taught social media to over 4000 people in 42 countries across the beauty, tattoo, and hair industries…

I thought I had ‘cracked it’ and then video really took off and I shit myself. I felt exactly how you feel now.

It literally took me over 100 hours to crack it…

But to save you the bloody boring nights I went through I’ve put it all on one course for you to make it easier and faster!

Thanks to social media I have a fully booked business, regardless of staff leaving, regardless of a reception, the pandemic- anything! Social media can make you bomb-proof!

what you get
15 mini social media lessons and step by step videos to watch in your own time over 30 days
Downloadable and printable guides to put in your salon and share with your team (or friends)
Two way learning - you have the chance to ask Sophia and our social media consultant any questions in our private online forum for a whole month!
Quizzes to test your knowledge- if you are that kinda person!
A certificate of your graduation - to get on your wall or flash on your insta.
Sophia's tips on increasing your demand
Step-by-step videos on every button and feature on Reels
What music to add and how to work with audio trends
What type of video to post that suits your video personality
How to edit Reels outside Instagram
Sophia's guide to talking to the camera
BONUS: How to create hairdressers specific transformations and transitions (also applicable to other industries)

Here is where I go wild… I'm so certain that you will get your money's worth. I'm offering you a 100% money-back guarantee if you have not completed more than 25%, the course!

Even if I teach you half of what I promise you will have incredible value - I know it!

With things changing so fast, it's so important that you get up to date as soon as possible… so when It changes again you have a foundation!


This course is not just for hairdressers!

90% of the content is useful for any person or company. We have a lot of people in beauty, products, lashes, tattoos and fashion coming, but it it can also be as diverse as a sex shop and a even dog grooming parlour! It's great for anyone who is trying to grow themselves or their business!

You should also know the following!

❌ You DON’T have to put your face on camera to work with video

✅ You CAN learn this - even if you think you are not phone savvy - I bloody wasn’t! I still struggle to put the cable tv on!

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